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The Holocaust Opera. First time as an ebook.

My 2005 supernatural thriller The Holocaust Opera is available for the first time ever as a Kindle download. It is now live on Amazon and will be live on Smashwords soon. Just click on the book cover to buy.

Roxanne Templeton moves to New York seeking fame and fortune as a singer. She meets Jeremiah Gideon, a young composer, and is drawn into his web of genius and deceit. She discovers that his music is infected with a deadly virus that dates back to the Holocaust, and to one man in particular, a Doctor Josef Mengele whom the prisoners named The Angel of Death. Roxanne discovers that Mengele has somehow returned from the dead and that he intends to destroy mankind through Jeremiah’s body of infected music.

Time is running out as Roxanne fights to save their souls from the clutches of extinction.

3 Comments to “The Holocaust Opera. First time as an ebook.”

  1. Melanie Golden Says:

    Thats exciting news! Congrats! =)

  2. Mark Says:

    Thanks for the reply, Melanie. Good luck with your own work!

  3. Dan Says:

    I see that it’s your passion. Good job BTW.

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