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Soul Thief is Now Available

Soul Thief is now available in the Kindle store.  It is the second novel in the Blue Light series. The first novel is Apocalypse Island. Although Soul Thief is a stand alone novel, it would be best if you read Apocalypse Island first.

Here’s a description of Soul Thief:

The Brotherhood of the Order is one of the oldest and most mysterious organizations on earth. Its primary mission is to protect one of the most carefully guarded secrets in human history, an object so enigmatic and powerful that in the wrong hands it could wreak havoc upon the earth. In the right hands it just might have the power to save humanity from its own destructive impulses.

Doug McArthur, hit in the face by a young friend at the age of seven, is suddenly able to see a supernatural creature who calls itself Collector. Doug’s life is turned upside down when he realizes that it’s not just the creature he sees, but the atrocities it commits.

Since marrying Annie his visions have been quiet and Doug is grateful. Now Annie is pregnant with their first child—a child that promises to be special—and their world is in the process of coming apart, beginning with the destruction of their home and forcing them to run for their lives, back into the world of Annie’s childhood, the De Roché dynasty, to a murdered mother and a cruel and enigmatic father.

Doug, whose love for Annie borders on the obsessive, has a deep and abiding hate for her father. He is nearly insane with grief over their plight, but soon finds that De Roché is the least of his worries when he begins to hear the pleading voice of a lost child that he cannot possibly save.

And then, in the midst of Annie’s mother’s funeral, Doug is given a strange artifact, along with a dire warning by a dying priest. He must leave Annie and his unborn child and begin a sojourn into the darkest regions of the human heart.

In his attempt to save his wife and unborn child, Doug finds that there is much more at stake than the lives of two people, perhaps the very salvation of the human soul.

Soul Thief is the second novel in the Blue Light Series, a supernatural thriller that will keep you guessing until the stunning conclusion.

Look for On the Night Wind, the third book in the Blue Light Series, scheduled for publication in 2014.

One Comment to “Soul Thief is Now Available”

  1. JenRen Says:

    I just finished Soul Thief, and I have to say it was a wild ride!!
    This type of story is not my normal, but I am glad I picked it up. I was intrigued from the get-go, and with all the twiats and turns, it kept me guessing until the very end! Once I got to the end, a few of my qiestions were answered, but also many more popped up! I truly hope that Mr. Hall continues the series – with Doug, Annie, & Ariel. There is SO MUCH MORE I need to know!!
    Thank you Mr. Hall for the few hours of edge of my seat entertainment.
    I wish you the best in all your endeavors, I will be looking for your new releases – hopefully I won’t have to wait too long!!

    I gave the book ****’s – and the only reason it was not 5 is because I have so many questions that need answers :)
    The writing was tight, fast-paced, and kept me up late into the night seeking the answers.
    I’m looking forward to many more hours of entertainment from Mr. Hall – a brand new author for me, but one I plan to put on my list of “ones to watch”, and my list of ‘FAVORITES’!!!

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