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Serious problems with Damnation Books, publisher of three of my titles

Below is a blog I wrote in response to my friend Tim Marquitz’s blog concerning problems with our mutual publisher, Damnation Books. For the original post by Tim and my reply click on the link and it will take you to Tim’s blog.

I feel for Tim and his plight. I too have a pending suit against Damnation Books. Out of ignorance I gave up three of my titles to them in 2009, not realizing that they were an author mill and that they didn’t really care about working with individual authors. From the beginning there was no interaction. The kindle formatting was atrocious and when I asked to have the formatting corrected I was told by Kim Gilchrist that because I asked I would be put at the end of the line. Three years later and the formatting still hasn’t been corrected. It’s embarrassing that my name is on those books. The entire text of The Lost Village and The Holocaust Opera is totally in italics. Hello! If you want to have a good laugh click on the links to those books and see for yourself. Reviewers have pointed out the formatting issues but the lazy publisher still hasn’t corrected it.

Out of frustration, and using the terms of their own contract, I legally obtained the rights to The Haunting of Sam Cabot back when DB refused, for whatever reason, to upload the nook version to Barnes and Noble. After going through the proper legal steps per their contract I asked DB to take the book down from Amazon. When I got no response I uploaded a new clean copy with my own publishing imprint. DB subsequently contacted Amazon and said that I was in breach of contract. When I explained that I had legally gotten my rights back Amazon told me that contracts aren’t their problem and that DB was the publisher of record. They subsequently pulled my copy and warned me that stealing other publishers work was a crime.

That was the last straw. I now have a lawyer and I don’t just want my rights back anymore. That would have been fine by me if DB had just played fair. Not anymore. Now I’m suing for damages. They have damaged my reputation and they will pay. I guarantee it.

Please, if you are a writer looking for a publisher, heed these warnings. Don’t do business with these awful people. But don’t take my word for it, check their rating on Preditors and Editors and see for yourself.

One Comment to “Serious problems with Damnation Books, publisher of three of my titles”

  1. Jessica West Says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your horror story with this publishing company. I’ve yet to publish anything, I’m not nearly at that stage in the game. Knowing that publishing companies like this one exist almost makes me want to skip that whole process and go straight to self-publishing instead. How do you know ahead of time which companies will do this? Have you been able to resolve the issues and regain publishing rights from them?

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