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“Mark Edward Hall creates a thinking man’s Village of the Damned and delivers a rich, complex and genuinely discomfiting story of good versus evil. The Lost Village is an ambitious, epic horror opus in the grand tradition of Stephen King, with well-drawn, believable characters and plot twists galore. The images he creates are compelling and detailed, drawing the reader into the terrifying world he creates. A refreshingly intricate read with no easy outs for the reader.”

— Vince Liaguno, author of The Literary Six

“Of all the horror writers working today, Mark Edward Hall is one of the most promising. The Lost Village is an ambitious novel, enormously entertaining. It left me literally breathless. I was totally blown away by its scope and originality!”

— The Dungeon

“Mark Edward Hall is an insightful author with the ability to craft a brilliant story. The ambience of The Lost Village is reminiscent of a walk through a forest late at night with a thick fog, disabling your view and fueling your imagination with disturbing apparitions. It is the unnerving realization that someone or something is watching you, but still you stumble on in the dark, hoping you don’t lose your way, or your mind. The Lost Village takes us on a quest, an exhaustive journey of human emotions, pain, suffering, and wanderlust, suggesting that we, as humans, are far too removed from our past. It is a constant uncovering of times, places, and the forgotten, with an ending that will surprise you. The most terrifying part of this compelling and supernatural story is that it borders on reality. From the haunting cover, rich with the infusions of blood-stained tears of lost children, to the final page where one can actually catch their breath, Mark Edward Hall’s The Lost Village is a genuine must read!”

— Nancy Jackson Midwest Book Review

“Mark Edward Hall is blessed with a vivid imagination and the ability to force the reader to use his noggin. In the same way that the independent, self-produced musician often remains true to himself, so does the self-published author. Hall’s The Lost Village is no exception as he explores tears of blood, lost souls, apparitions, vampires, and the never ending tug of war between good and evil. The story travels in so many informative directions that it’s not easy to describe the entire plot in one short review. The good news is…it all comes together in the end.  There were several times when I stopped and said to myself, “Hey, this could be true. Who knows?” Horror fans will love the mix of  blood and descriptive gore – and who doesn’t like vampires? Given a chance, I believe many of our BabbleOnites would appreciate The Lost Village.”

— Brad Westmar

“Mark Edward Hall is a gifted writer with a brilliant imagination. The Lost Village has much to offer. The plot is intriguing, original and engrossing, with sub-plots that are effectively brought together to reinforce the central story. The characters are well developed and the author has accomplished his purpose in making the reader care about them. I intend to read anything else that he writes.”

— Magic City Morning Star

“I can’t say enough about The Lost Village. I absolutely loved it. With every twist and turn of the plot, I was stunned by Hall’s strong depictions of images and events that made me utter, “Oh my God, this is GOOD!” and although I forced myself to take my time with it (I wanted to make it last), it seemed I just couldn’t turn the pages fast enough. The Lost Village may make you question your own beliefs about Good and Evil and bring you to a new and terrifying realization of the truths contained therein. Once you’ve read The Lost Village, you’ll see things in a whole new light. And you’ll pray that the light stays on for a long time after you’ve put the book back on the shelf.”


“One of the best horror novels in a very long time . . . Do not miss it!”

— Atlanta Weekly

“With absolute attention to detail, setting and ambience, you are along for an incredible ride!”

— Dream Forge

“Well crafted suspense that pulled me in immediately. The story scared me a LOT!  Thank you for the shiver!”

— M.Jones, Editor of Bloodletters Horror Ezine