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Haunting of Sam Cabot: Top Ten Best Seller!

Just received word that The Haunting of Sam Cabot is one of Horror Mall’s Top Ten Bestselling E-Books for Feb. 2010.

3 Comments to “Haunting of Sam Cabot: Top Ten Best Seller!”

  1. Dan OLeary Says:

    The Haunting of Sam Cabot
    Mark, Your cousin, Jim Hunton, just presented some of his research at the University of Southern California. During lunch with him, he was bragging about your extraordinary talents, both in writing and music. Based on his advice, I downloaded and read the Haunting of Sam Cabot. Wow, Jim was right, you are a fantastic writer. Jim is world renown in his field for being a prolific writer, and I think that you too are amazingly talented. Perhaps there is something to be said about genetics :-) I will be sure to tell my friends about your writings. Best wishes for the future!! Dan

  2. Andrea M. Kulman Says:

    I enjoy visiting your Myspace page and reading all of your entries. In my opinion… you are right up there with Stephen King!

  3. Lee Thompson Says:

    Great site, Mr. Hall. I like the layout and content. Looking forward to reading some more of your work. Best wishes, Lee.

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